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We Provide Ready Made Teams

Our customers are often trying to start new projects; struggling to re-assign their permanent staff and finding it harder to hire contractors.

Building effective teams is hard: not just getting the right skill sets but ensuring the mix of people and personalities matches.

We provide "pre-built" teams that can either work autonomously or alongside your teams as required. 

Code Wizards team members:

  • Have all worked together before so they're immediately able to be productive
  • Are all experts in their field
  • Don't require any HR management time
  • Are guaranteed to be IR35 / disguised employment safe
  • Don't require IT equipment or phones

We have a proven track record of providing teams at short notice.  From development and design, business analysts to testers and project managers - just let us know what you need.


Code Wizards provide an extremely rare mix blending business and technology expertise. This enables their service/technology designs and implementation to add to business strategy and service objectives. The contribution to TheGivingMachine's mission, social impact as well as service implementation has been amazing - thank you!

Richard Morris, Founder and CEO TheGivingMachine

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