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Agile Development

We live and breath agile for our development - we're fans and hopefully you are too.

However from a project perspective this doesn't work for all clients so we adapt the approach to the customer as there is no one-size-fits-all.

Some clients internal processes are better suited to multiple steps of waterfalls and we support that fully by providing a design-led first phase, leading to development (usually managed in agile sprints internally), and testing cycles.

In short - your project your way!

Our agile sprints are typically 2 weeks in length.  We find that's the best mix between efficiency and turnaround for clients; our developers get time to work through their workload properly and clients wait a maximum of 2 weeks to see the outcome.



Nicola is a strong technologist with an insightful, pragmatic and delivery-focused approach to architecture. As demonstrated many times during some large scale projects, the ability to cut through complexity and design precisely engineered solutions ensured great outcomes.

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Working In Partnership

We're up for (almost) anything.

Our partner network is continuing to grow with like-minded companies that can add value to our mutual client offering. If you would like to learn more about how we can grow together get in touch.