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Guest Blog: Salesforce Training from Leanne @ System-f

Leanne Harkin - Managing Director and Chief Trainer of system-f - Salesforce Training Specialists

At Code Wizards we love working with great partners and people.  We've worked with Leanne (and enjoyed it immensely) so when she formed her new business system-f we of course offered to introduce her to our clients, partners and friends.

Leanne - over to you!


We are system-f, an independent Salesforce end user training practice. We have over 15 years’ experience of working with Salesforce as an End Users, Administrators, and Instructors. Over the years we have designed, created and delivered training to companies of all sizes and industries, from 5 users to being part of a 60 country roll out... and everything in between!

Where to start?...

We know we may sound biased when we say this, but training is so important. You can build the best system on the planet, but if your end users do not know how to use it, then adoption will be poor, bad practice will creep in very quickly along with poor data.

Our training is designed with the end user in mind, recreating a day in the life journey of how they can expect to use the system, with hands on exercises so they get chance to practice and feel comfortable before go live.


Pre-Course Learning

To make the most of budgets and the teaching time we can work with you to select the appropriate Trailhead modules and create a Trailmix to be completed by attendees prior to training.

Trailhead is Salesforce’s free on-line learning platform which will give a good introduction to the basics, leaving more time for your specific business process to be covered in class.

For large numbers of attendees, you may want to consider adding the Trailhead Tracker to your org to track the attendees’ progress.

Instructor Lead Training

This is classroom / remote style training lead by an Instructor, and the style is discussion and teaching around the business process, an Instructor demonstration in the system and then a chance for the attendees to practice what they have just seen.

Train the Trainer

This approach works well when you have large number to train and the right skill set in house to deliver the training.

We create the materials and deliver the training to your inhouse instructors, along with a how to on how the course runs. This normally includes guidance on setting up users, resetting data, trouble shooting on exercises, best practices etc.

The deliverables are a set of training materials that you can customise and add to as your org grows and training instructors to deliver training across the company and to new users.


Interactive e-learning modules where the user must complete exercises and knowledge checks. When the project is completed, we hand over all source files and materials so can update your course without spending more money

What's Next?

There are so many ways, styles and techniques that can be used to deliver training its sometimes difficult to know where to start! Please do explore the services and approaches available on our website, or if you prefer contact us and lets have a call and chat through the options.


About the author

Leanne Harkin - system-f - Salesforce Training

Leanne Harkin - system-f - Salesforce Training

Leanne is a certified Salesforce Administrator and Instructor, and has been in the Salesforce eco-system for more than 15 years. She's occ as an end user within her role as salesperson, then making a move to company administrator and then qualifying as an Instructor.

Before founding System-f she was a Director at a Salesforce Partner based in Birmingham, supporting clients on projects such as the initial Salesforce set up, integrations, custom development, ongoing support and of course training! Leanne is also the group leader for the official Salesforce User Group in Birmingham, and you can find out more about those events and how you can get involved here.

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