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What is support? 

We are here to fix, improve, monitor and maintain. 

Not via automated “bots” but via humans who know your business, understand your needs and challenges, and can communicate well with you.

So you have just had your shiny, sparkly, all singing, all dancing site released on to the world.  Excitement and glee all round! Hurrah!  The world is GREAT!  You have your users going and your own clients chomping at their bits, and you notice something that you’d not thought of before that would work so well. Oh why did you only think of it now???  Don’t worry, you have a support contract.  

One of your pages, doesn’t look right, the more it’s used the more it’s wrong.  Don’t worry, you’ve got a support contract. 

Maybe your clients have noticed a bug, completely bizarre, no one ever knew IT could work that way! Don’t worry, you have a support contract.

What we do/why are we different?

We understand how something small could have a massive impact and how essential it is to you to have everything running perfectly.  We want you to say good bye to the frustrations of the wait, of the remote uncontactable helpdesk.  We want you to think and feel relief, “Code Wizards have got us.”  We know how frustrating it can be, how much you DO NOT want to be asked if you’ve switched it off and on again! We have the expertise, tailored to your individual requirements, to give you the support you need.

Being on a smaller, more intimate business scale, rather than a big global one you could get lost in, the support we provide is very much what you need it to be.  

Support has a very large role in any service that is provided to you.  We are the first people you call when or if something goes wrong, if there is something not ‘just so’ and could be tweaked. Not only do we answer questions and fix problems but we also are here to proactively monitor the health of the server upon which your site is situated. We will see all alarms, log incidences and look for any patterns in alarm occurrences.    

As the internet moves so fast, another one of the tasks of the Code Wizards Support desk is for us to make sure that any software we provide you with is up to date.  Patches will be installed and upgrades done. Obviously at times arranged with yourselves and at your convenience. We know that you’re busy running your business and can’t concentrate on everything; that’s why we monitor and manage software for you

We have a dedicated support portal and support manager – Me! I am here, an actual living a breathing person that has provided top class support since 2004.  The support portal is newer thankfully.  This is where with just an email to our support address you can raise trouble tickets, queries and ask for changes and feature enhancements. You will receive reports on the progress of the calls you raise with us either weekly, bi-monthly or monthly; whichever you’d rather. There are different levels of support moving from Break-fix to our Critical Plus Plan where you can have quarterly meetings and discuss feature proposals.  We will organise and prioritise the trouble tickets you raise and enhancements you bring to us. We make sure that the hours you have with us are used productively and efficiently.  Check out our different support packages here.

In conclusion

Your business will evolve and your support will move with it and complement your requirements.  We’re not just here for the problems and maintenance - feature enhancements and changes are welcomed and managed.  When you’re ready and you can see that a little more or less would make your customer’s experience better, let us know.  We will work with you to make sure you have everything you need, when you need it.

Development is the start of your journey; enabling you to create what you need.  However, that development needs to work securely, reliably and consistently and that’s why your relationship with our support services will be the most important of all.


About the author

Danielle Seal

Danielle Seal

I’m Code Wizards’ Support manager.  I have worked in support for the last 15 years at all levels.  I started at the bottom and worked my way to third line as a Communication Analyst and Network Engineer for business internet at Virgin Media.  Before diving into the world of support I lived in France and as a result am bi-lingual, though my daughter would dispute this as my accent is horrendous apparently!

I needed a new challenge and so Code Wizard's have let me loose on their support desk. I excel at problem solving and communication but not at bios…

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