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How to Leverage the Power of Serious Games

Totem Learning Ltd’s mission is to step away from tedious methods of eLearning and move towards using the latest technology in VR, AR, MR and XR to create engaging serious games and immersive digital experiences that improve an individual’s learning and development, fulfilling the criteria and course but in a way that means learners want to come back and play it again! Totem Learning are all about collaboration and creating beneficial games that prove that games are not bad at all and can, in fact, help with information retention and even job prospects. Studies have shown that with games, information retention increased by 9%! VR and AR is the future and Totem Learning saw the potential of using this technology to provide an experience whereby the learner is immersed in a whole new environment. This combines many of the seven styles of learning as opposed to simply one or two, which means that a larger demographic of people can benefit from them.

Totem’s core design team have over 100 years experience in developing such games and offer unique consultations that challenge a client’s idea, making it go from ‘good’ to ‘great’ by the end of it. Clients have included the likes of PwC, Shell, Deloitte and many more from educational institutions to charitable organisations. Totem Learning pride themselves on the ‘agile management’ style of project management that is adopted when dealing with development. This allows the company and the client to be in touch regularly and adapt to the demands, listening to experts from our creative team and technical team so that the product they end up with meets the requirements and is of an extremely high quality.

About the author

Helen Routledge

Helen Routledge

Totem Learning’s CEO, Helen Routledge, has a background in Psychology and is an award-winning business woman who has written a book, Why Games Are Good For Business: How to Leverage the Power of Serious Games, Gamification and Simulations’, that has been downloaded over 10,000 times in e-book form and reviewed by industry experts from all over the world. Helen Routledge continues to win awards on a regular basis for her progress as a ‘Woman in Tech’ as well as ‘Woman in Business’. She is also part of a key local business group called the ‘Coventry and Warwickshire Local Enterprise Partnership’ (CWLEP) which focuses on the success and growth of creative and digital companies in the region. Her expertise has enabled her to become a well respected figure in the L&D industry as well as the gaming industry. Totem Learning believe the future is bright and working with Codewizards will only increase the possibilities for technological progress, development and innovation!

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