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A Single Sign-On (SSO) for Access's ThankQ CRM

SSO Password Management

Announcing our SSO Solution for Access's ThankQ CRM system!


For charities, not-for-profits and membership organisations using Access's ThankQ we've now released our SSO solution.

ThankQ already does a great job of managing users/members/customers. On top of this a lot of organisations have built websites but they're not often linked.

To help organisations using ThankQ we've created an SSO that integrates into ThankQ's webuser system.

Using the SSO we provide an easy way for users to join (register), handle forgotten passwords and login. Your websites can then link in to the SSO and the ThankQ API so you get security out of the box and there's no need for expensive website work to allow registration, logging in and password management either.

Imagine you've got a membership organisation with lots of small websites and each is performing a specific role.  With the SSO we can tie them all together around your ThankQ data/contacts and give you and your customers the best experience.  Your members site, your ecommerce store and your donations portals can all be used with a single sign-on/login so your customers/members find it easy to work with you.

Migration Friendly

Our SSO also allows you to more easily migrate your users to ThankQ.

Typically there's a whole process where users get lost between your old website/CRM and the new world. With the SSO we can create customised migration paths to make this easy and customer-friendly.

For Techies Only!

We've extended ThankQ's webuser system so that all users are managed within ThankQ CRM but log in occurs within a (standards compliant) OpenID Connect (oIDC) SSO.

The SSO also manages ThankQ API tokens centrally so any changes to ThankQ's API token standard are handled by the SSO.

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Stuart Muckley

Stuart Muckley

I’ve been a programmer and IT enthusiast for 30 years (since the zx spectrum) and concentrated on AI (neural nets & genetic algorithms) at University. My principle skills are concentrated on Enterprise and Solution Architecture and managing effective developer teams.

I enjoy the mix between technical and business aspects; how technology enables and how that (hopefully) improves profit/EBITDA & reduces cost-per-transaction, the impact upon staff and how to remediate go-live and handover, and risk identification and mitigation. My guiding principle is “Occams Razor” that simplicity is almost always the best option by reducing complexity, time to build, organisational stress and longer term costs.

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