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AWS for Games Initiative

As Game Tech specialists we know that every game needs their backend to be battle-hardened, always available, easy to update and economical to run.

That's why we partner with AWS to provide Game Tech services to our clients (and friends!).

So, we can hear you asking, why AWS?  

In games most work is within a circle of trusted companies and partners.  That trust means more than just delivering; it means that you're there before you're neede, you're around once it's complete, and you make sure you provide what's needed.

With AWS we've built that relationship.  We work hand-in-hand to make sure we deliver and keep helping our clients.  We have personal relationships across the global AWS teams and can call on their account managers, solution architects, product teams and even senior management to ensure we can give our clients what they need.  Best of all that relationship goes both ways so they can call directly into our teams whenever they need help.

AWS doesn't just provide it's own services; it encourages other people to join in and provide services on their cloud platform too.  This means choice and flexibility for you as a game developer.  Want to know more?  There's examples at the bottom of this page.

Lastly AWS shares our passion for "doing the right thing" - we're a karma company who believes strongly that being the best bipedal hominids is super important.  AWS's "Customer Obsession" also ensures that decisions aren't made on pushing games to use tech that's profitable and isn't a good fit.  (In our experience) No other cloud partners goes anywhere near as far to ensure the game is the most important thing.

We’re excited to work with Code Wizards to further empower game developers to build amazing, successful, and fun games. As more games offer live services and connected experiences in their games, developers need a diverse set of solutions to use. Working with Code Wizards on AWS for Games gives developers more solutions to use so teams can focus more on creating fun player experiences."

Chris Lee, GM, AWS Game Tech Services.

What AWS brings to Games Payloads

LiveOps on AWS

AWS provides multiple choices for your game:

  • Heroic Labs Nakama
  • AccelByte
  • Beamable
  • brainCloud
  • AWS GameSparks (aka "GameSparks v2")
  • Bespoke

Game Servers & Scaling

All multiplayer games need a way to link together

  • UE4
  • Unity 
  • Custom Engine

And we help you scale globally too

  • GameLift
  • GameLift Realtime
  • Custom Scalers
  • Kubernetes 

Data Analytics

Capture data from multiple sources and locations easily - allow your game client to emit events and data that's routed to nearby data centres based on latency and sent to a central or local repository.

Choose your favoured model for storing, managing and analysing data.



Integrate scaleable esports into your game 

  • Custom Esports Engines
  • Links to Tournament Platforms
  • Globally scaleable 

Choice & Flexibility

All games are different - they're art forms produced by different people, of different ages, from different cultures and backgrounds and with a passion to produce the perfect game.  Services to power that game follow the same path.

When you build a game client you pick your engine; whether it's Unity or Unreal Engine or Godot or whatever you make a choice on what suits the game, the team and the player.  Backends and services are the same.

We don't want to be sales people (we're engineers and that's what we love doing) but AWS provides that choice.

Want a liveops solution that can run in your AWS account?  That's cool - you could write your own or use Beamable or Nakama.  Want to utilise a service instead?  Awesome then Epic Online Services (EOS) or brainCloud or Beamable or AccelByte are options too.

Scaling game servers?  Again pick your approach.  Want to get a simple semi-authorative relay service running?  GameLift Realtime allows you to do that fast.  Want authoratative servers running your backend?  Fine!  GameLift or run your own fleets on Kubernetes or custom Agones.  Or go completely custom and roll your own.

By working this way you can grow into a solution.  Maybe take a simple solution first then layer up and eventually move to your own dedicated platform.  

Ask our Customers (erm Friends)

Antstream have built the largest retro game streaming platform on the planet.  Massively scaleable on AWS.  Check it out - go play Antstream.

At Antstream, we’re busy building and growing our leading streaming platform. Working with Code Wizards and AWS has allowed us to concentrate on our platform while scaling fast and delivering an amazing player experience.”

Steve Cottam, Chief Executive Officer at Antstream.

Want to know more?

We're a bunch of engineers who love games, esports and working with people.  We've been lucky enough to work with major teams around the globe on everything from AAA launches to small indie games.

If you're the kind of person who sees a bucket of lego and thinks "wow.. let's get building" then please contact us as we're constantly looking for the right people to join us.

And if you love co-dev'ing with those kind of people then fill in the contact form or drop us an email at hello _at_ to have a chat.

Last up - if you're intrigued what kind of people we are then check out What Games We're Playing.

Without these guys we wouldn't have had the early access launch that we achieved. Tireless, tenacious and game experts i can't recommend them enough

Marco Bettencourt, CEO, RedCatPig

Code Wizards? What do i think about the help on GameSparks migration? F***ing Awesome!

Jaycee Salinas, Creative Direction, Ask An Enemy Studios

Working In Partnership

We're up for (almost) anything.

We believe that life is better in co-op (and if we can't help then we probably know somebody else that we can direct you to).  Get in touch.