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Who we are

Who are Code Wizards?  Good question!

Code Wizards are a bunch of people who love working together, creating things and working with clients and partners.  We're the kind of people that see a bucket of Lego and immediately jump in to start making things with it.

Formed in the mid 2000s we've been growing at a pace that allows us to expand while keeping our ethos and values.  We're small by consultancy terms but that enables us to be specialists and for everybody to work together well.  We never seem like a collection of individuals; we provide high performance and battle-hardened teams that work well together.

We're presently across three sites:

- HQ - Reading (Berkshire), England, UK - this is our main management centre and provides architecture and engineering expertise across all sectors including eCommerce, mobile, esport tech and game tech

- Code Wizards North - Elgin (Moray), Scotland, UK - this is our central gametech hub focussing on games and esport tech

- Code Wizards South - Christchurch (Canterbury), South Island, NZ - provides our games and game tech hub in the Pacific region

It's trite but we like to like our clients; we find that way we have a partnership and we achieve more so relationships are important to us.  We want clients who will work with us for many years so we understand each other and so we can have conversations with them.  Our best successes are our client's best successes and most of them are because of collaboration making a great idea even better.


Stuart Muckley - Managing Director

Stuart Muckley - Managing Director

Stuart, our Managing Director, is a music, games and book loving software architect who ensures he's hands on with clients daily to make sure we're doing the right things.

Stuart has 20+ years in the IT industry starting in research projects in computer science and moving into leading development and software architecture over his career.

He's worked with major brands and enterprises on their technical strategy and vision and provided Enterprise Architecture and Solution Architecture.  Helping companies such as Universal Publishing Group, GAME Retail/GAME Digital Plc, and Multiplay move towards their future potential.  Stuart also provided the IT strategy for GAME Digital's Belong esports and gaming proposition. 

Stuart's passion is computing and making the impossible possible.


Martin Thomas - CTO

Martin Thomas - CTO

Martin, our CTO, loves games and basketball (and motor sport, football, cricket - well, any sport really!).  He's the engine room of the operation making sure that technically our engineering teams are doing the right things and we're doing our best for our customers.

Martin is a true technologist to his core he brings with him a wealth of expertise and knowledge. His previous roles include Technical Architect for the National Student eSports platform and was the Lead Engineer on the following products for Game Retail: eSports tournament platform; game wallet; 1st iteration of game mobile app.

He designed the full API and technically led the development for TheGivingMachine’s ecommerce platform and was also the Lead engineer on the Autino Bayconnect product. Prior to this he held roles within AXA, Universal Music Group and Winterthur Life.

Martin specialises enterprise grade application development and is in an expert in software security

Martin created a scalable, testable and high performing architecture for a global SAS product that will be the foundation for the company for the foreseeable future. Secondarily to that he up-skilled members of the development team to use SOLID principles and modern design patterns with MVC. He was always approachable and made time to talk to other developers.

I don't think I have worked with another developer.that takes such professional pride in the quality of his work.

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Working In Partnership

We're up for (almost) anything.

We believe that life is better in co-op (and if we can't help then we probably know somebody else that we can direct you to).  Get in touch.